Toyota recalls 130,000 Tundras for bed covers that can fly off

toyota has announced a recall for 2022 and 2023 toyota tundra full-size pickup trucks. it covers approximately 130,000 trucks that are equipped with a toyota tonneau cover for the bed. the problem is that cover could potentially fly off the bed while driving. this is pretty clearly a serious hazard if not for the driver of the tundra in question, but for anyone driving behind or around said tundra, since it could hit another car and generally create an obstacle and block vision. toyota didn't specify exactly what cover is affected besides it being an official toyota one, not an aftermarket brand, but the only one listed on the consumer website is a hard tonneau. that could cause some nasty damage at highway speeds.  the good news is that owners with affected covers can simply remove them until a fix is determined for the cover. the company will start sending out notifications to affected customers this month. concerned owners can also run their vins through either toyota's website ( or nhtsa's ( to check for open recalls. related video:

date : 2023-03-07 00:00:15
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