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Cruising for cheap rates on a used BMW engine? If so, welcome to the BMW engine warehouse at

We challenge you to avoid paying too much for a used engine or for the likes of a rebuilt BMW engine. Our family-owned business maintains access to some of the largest selections of used and rebuilt engines in the market.

Because availability is subject to change, it's important to call for a FREE quote as soon as possible. Decades of selling auto engines created strong ties with acquisition managers and salvage yards across the country.

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That's in addition to 16,000 units in our warehouses ready to ship out FAST. We're a reckoning source for any BMW owner who needs a great price. All rebuilt engines are either tooled or machined in-house.

We control quality and price. Any rebuilt, remanufactured or used BMW engines sold come with our 100% money-back guarantee. All quotes are FREE. All you need to get started is

• Your BMW's identification (VIN)

• Which mileage BMW's used engine are you looking for.

• The ship-to address!

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Used BMW Engines For Sale

Don't go alone into the realm of used engine dealers. Get down to earth responsible people on your side – preferably a used engine dealer with solid connections and a large existing inventory, like

Our family manages most of its time listening to individual drivers and DIY automotive enthusiasts, just like you. And you can receive the same discounted rates extended to automotive technicians. We fly under the radar by avoiding noisy advertisements and expensive marketing techniques.

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That leaves the power in our hands to deliver top quality affordable used engines. We found marketing schemes ballooned the price of our engines to unreasonable costs. We narrowed our business to a certain niche and have stuck with it.

Now, we are the most important used engine dealer for individual drivers and DIY enthusiasts. This is great news if you've never purchased a used engine before.


We provide transparency and involve you. After all, it's your investment. Renewing or extending the life of your BMW with a replacement auto engine doesn't need to come with unexpected expenses and costs.

Our customers who use financing for the purchase of a used or remanufactured BMW engine are made aware of the long-term financial impacts, if at all. Don't be taken advantage of by the majors. Used and rebuilt BMW engines are accessible to most, especially those with connections. And we've been provisioning used automotive engines for a long time.

Used BMW Engine For Sale

This allowed us to forge contracts at great prices with only the most reliable automotive acquisition managers across the U.S. That means our engines are authentic and reliable with historical verifications and proper diligence on our part. We maintain a storehouse of more than 16,000 high quality units ready to ship. And, remember, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on any BMW auto engine sold. 

All major used automotive engines and components must pass diligent multi-point technical analyses as well as rigorous physical inspection. Those that do not pass inspection are quarantined for objective review for potential rebuild or remanufacture. Many don't make it.

The rest are rebuilt by our own technicians. Hiring our own specialized technicians and performing our own rebuilds and remanufactured engines guarantees quality. It gives you the best prices. By treating our employees well, they've stuck with us for the greater part of three decades. Call today for your FREE quotes on any BMW engine for your specifications. Expect trust and reliability with the system.


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