Replacement HYUNDAI Transmissions

Welcome to our Hyundai auto parts warehouse at We are a family-run business supplying inexpensive but high quality used Hyundai engines to customers across the US and also globally.

Any used auto engine you buy will be in clean, excellent shape and has been truly inspected – from sourcing, paperwork to physical and digital testing. Are you needing any of our used Hyundai engines with lower mileage? Maybe you're looking for one of our rebuilt Hyundai engines with just the right touches for the performance you have in mind.

But if a remanufactured Hyundai engine from one of our excellent engineers is more adequate for the longevity of your driving experience, call and we'll get you the best rates. We can locate – in seconds – any used engines you prefer. Most come with warranties and every one comes with our money-back guarantee. It's important to understand sales can flip thousands of engines in an hour's time.

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Used HYUNDAI Engines For Sale

So, call in early and frequently for your engine choice. But if you need multiple quotes, we're on it. Looking for a volume discount? Just ask! Here's all you need to get started even if you're an individual driver doing your own homework instead of getting gouged by the dealer:

1) Your Hyundai's vehicle Identification Number

2) Which mileage Hyundai's used engine are you looking for. Tell us everything. We will actually listen!

3) What's the shop address? Even if it might change, we'll need a shop address. Shipping is FREE.

Our remanufactured Hyundai engines come with some of the best warranties, some of the best prices – usually the best in the industry. It's because we hired our own employees. 'Hired' is past tense because we treat all our employees extremely well.

They've been with us through near entire operation of the business which is more than twenty-five years. By treating them well, they perform excellently and are sober-minded and consistent with details.

Often times the rebuilt and remanufactured engines perform better than original manufactured versions because the auto manufacturers willfully ignore certain problems. If you've never purchased a used or rebuilt engine, before, now you know why so many prefer doing so over buying an expensive replacement engine direct from the manufacturer! In fact, the price of a used engine is only a fraction of the cost of a new engine.

Therefore, you have the potential to have a better engine at only a fraction of the cost!

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Used Engines Transparency on any financial transaction is very important to us, because we realize it's not about your Hyundai as much as it is you. While the primary goal is to get your Hyundai in top performance and driving condition again, you end up with the bill.

For this reason, your financial transaction – if necessary – is going to be laid out on the table for you. You will be able to visualize what the end cost will be over the duration of financing. The same is true for warranties and also historical content of the major auto component you buy.

Used HYUNDAI Engine For Sale

We also spend a great deal of time authenticating the source (or point of acquisition) of all our engines, because … let's face it.. not everyone handles their affairs well. These types of inconsistencies from different sources cause problems for our drivers. We eliminate these. That's our job.

We feel it should be the job of any used engine dealer, but we can only control our own. Our customers have come to rely on it. We've never needed flashy websites or expensive marketing personnel. So, call today and find out how we can best meet your automotive needs, because you really cannot afford to use anyone else. 

Because it's more secure for our customers, we prefer to speak with you directly about your affairs and automotive needs. Remember, a 100% money-back guarantee and the best customer service in the industry rides right along with your transactions. FREE shipping and secure and safe ordering. Have your Hyundai VIN and the Shop Address When You Call

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