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We are a legitimate used engine dealer with an aim toward the revitalization your Nissan. That's what your search is really about. That's the way it has always been with our family at

You'd be wrong if you think our used Nissan engines cost more. Since we don't expend our hard earned cash for pricey websites or expensive personnel, our prices stay in line with our customer's demands. Call for FREE quotes. Get volume discounts:

• Have your Nissan VIN handy when you call.

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Used NISSAN Engines For Sale

Our delivery to you at your demand is about our controlling risks and costs. Our inventories are categorically stocked, diligently verified and authenticated by our own personnel.

Every Nissan engine is personally quantified for its integrity, usability or functionality for rebuild or remanufactured. Failure to properly manage inventory is the number one cause of customer problems from online suppliers of used auto engines. There's more to finding a rebuilt Nissan engine for your vehicle. Much more.

Is the original source of the auto engine reliable? What about its history? Was its historical content verified or taken at face value? How about the mileage? You see, that's our job.

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Most do not take the time to follow through in details before the sale of used engines. We do. It doesn't take much effort to make phone calls or even connect digitally to salvage yards across the nation, but it takes real people willing to spend more than three decades screening the reliability of acquisition managers and sorting out less than stellar used engines.

Used NISSAN Engine For Sale

And through all this meticulous behavior, we carved out a unique business model that really streams the distribution into a cost-cutting dinosaur. You end up with the savings. You've heard that one, before. Most only boast. We do it. After our real work is done, we spend adequate time with our clients. Their needs get met. Their cars get repaired. This is why we're pegged by our customers as the number one provider of reliable cheap Nissan engines in the United States – especially for the little guy.


Auto parts our rebuilt Nissan engines and our remanufactured Nissan engines have their performance mandated by our technicians. We know them. We stick with the winners. We treat everyone like gold. Imagine how we treat our customers! You can have your used engine at the price that works for you. You can count on it being of integrity and reliable.

You can get the assistance with any financing options without undisclosed costs, interest or wallet-draining factors. It's your investment and if you're not happy, we're not happy. Call, today, for FREE quotes and more information.

You're never obligated to buy even if you demand to speak directly with one of our technicians. When you do decide to purchase a used or rebuilt Nissan engine, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee in addition to any warranties that might come along with your package. Warranties vary depending upon your model, its year and your choice.

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