Replacement VOLKSWAGEN Transmissions

Thanks for giving our website a peek. This page is about our warehouse for our customers who need trustworthy, reliable and affordable used VOLKSWAGEN engines for automobiles. By the way, if you're not looking for a used VOLKSWAGEN engine, but a used auto engine for a different make and model, that's okay.

We have them all. Right now you're probably wondering how much for a used or rebuilt VOLKSWAGEN engine and why there are no listed prices on this page. Sometimes we do, but we'll tell you: It costs more and it isn't always accurate. Don't buy into thinly veiled bait and switch tactics by others' expensive marketing schemes.

Yeah. We have no desire to mislead you. Much (paid) manpower is required to maintain updated prices online within a rate of sales involving more than 16,000 units in our warehouses. That's not only expensive for us, it means you would pay more.

Our customers demand truly reliable engines, but only at great prices. We're betting you'd be pretty happy to get a great price, too. Call. Or email. We'll let you peek at that price without making you feel terrible if you're not ready to buy. We'll even give you the price on an engine that actually exists. The call is free. The service is free.

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1) When calling, have your VOLKSWAGEN's VIN readily available.

2) We'll need the shop address, too.

3) State that you're interested in the price of a VOLKSWAGEN's  Used engine or another used auto engine.

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Used VOLKSWAGEN Engines For Sale

It takes very little time to find out the price. Don't forget to check on the price on a remanufactured VOLKSWAGEN engine that can really boost the longevity of your car. We're not trying to up sell.

We just want to make certain you get the performance, price and longevity you really need. The performance depends upon your real goal. The fact is, you have expectations. Your expectations may be different than any other driver or VOLKSWAGEN owner.

What you may want is for your VOLKSWAGEN to last another one and one-half generations. Hey, that's decades. Of course, you can obtain a warranty, but if you're needing your VOLKSWAGEN to run for another twenty years with routine care, a warranty isn't the fit as they don't last for twenty years.

Used VOLKSWAGEN Engine For Sale

It is possible to find a used engine with very low mileage, as in new, that can be dropped into your vehicle. Yes! But you need to call and let us look. We always do this FIRST. Sometimes, these are more expensive than rebuilt VOLKSWAGEN engines. Sometimes, not.

We have every intention of meeting your needs at the lowest cost possible. And, as we've already explained, we stand ready at the financial battle ground for all our customers. Now, they expect it.


1) Great VOLKSWAGEN auto engines for sale.

2) Great VOLKSWAGEN auto engines at great prices.

3) Great no-shove customer service.

4) Decades of used auto engine experience.

5) A personal guarantee.


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