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Used AUDI Q7 Engines

AUDI Q7 For Sale

We sell Used Engines for Audi Q7. You can easily Find your used Audi Q7 Engine. We are leaders in our industry online.

The following Engines for Audi Q7 are available :

Petrol Engines :   3.6 FSI VR6   /  4.2 FSI  V8   /  3.0 TFSI Quattro  / supercharged V6   /   3.0 TFSI quattro S-Line  supercharged V6   /   3.6 FSI Quattro VR6   /    4.2 FSI Quattro  V8  / 2.0 TFSI  /  3.0 TFSI .

Diesel Engines :   3.0 TDI V6 turbo   / 3.0 TDI clean diesel V6 turbo  /   4.2 TDI  V8 turbo   /    6.0 TDI    /  V12 twin turbo   /  3.0 TDI Quattro V6 turbo

 /  4.2 TDI Quattro V8 twin turbo   /   6.0 TDI Quattro V12 twin turbo   /  3.0 TDI ultra  /   45 TDI  /   3.0 TDI   /  50 TDI   /  e-tron   /  SQ7 TDI.

To be effective and find the right Used engine for your Audi Q7 also to be efficient and find best used engine with the least waste of time and effort,  blew we give some keys.

Used Audi Engine  Abbreviations:

In search system we use some abbreviations to descriptions used engine type. Below us description those engine Abbreviations to help find the right engine for your Used Audi Q7 Engine:

Engine id       Engine code

VIN               vehicle identification number. You can get more information from this useful link

L                   Liter

Manual        Manual Transmission typeAutoPartMax BBB

Automatic    Automatic Transmission type

FSI                Gasoline direct injection

TFSI             Turbo gasoline engine

TDI           Turbocharged direct injection diesel engine

TSI          Turbocharged stratified injection  gas engine

How to find the Engine Code on Audi Q7

There are three places where you can find engine code:

  1. Under the hood , on the top mount of the left shock absorber .
  2. In your trunk , under the carpet next to the spare tyre : a vehicle identification sticker .
  3. In your service book or owners  manual, find the same vehicle identification sticker like the one in the trunk .
  4.  There is also a sticker on the cylinder head cover showing the engine code and serial number.
  5.  The engine code is also included on the vehicle data sticker.

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