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Used BMW X5 Engines

BMW X5 For Sale

Buying a used BMW X5 Engines Online can be just as fast as finding an engine at We offer range of petrol (gasoline) inline-6s, V8s and diesel engines.

BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury SUV.

We'll help you find any used BMW X5 engines.

BMW X5 Generation: E53; 2000–2006  /  F15; 2013–2018/ G05; 2019–present.

BMW X5 Models:  3.0i -  3.0d  -  4.4i  -  4.6is   -  4.8is  -  3.0si  -  xDrive30i   -  xDrive35i  -   xDrive40i   -   4.8i            -  xDrive48i  -   xDrive50i   -   M   -   3.0d  -  xDrive30d -  3.0sd   -   xDrive35d    -  xDrive35d  -  xDrive30d   -  xDrive40d   -  M50d  - xDrive40e  -  sDrive25d -  xDrive25d  - xDrive40d  -  M50d

Find the right Used Engine for your BMW X5 easily in the search box

BMW X5 Engines code:

 Petrol:  M54B30   /  M62TUB44   /  N62B44   /   M62B46   /   N62B48 /  N52B30   /  N55B30   /  N55B30A   /  N62B48  /  N63B44  /  S63B44 /  N63B44   /  BMW B48

Diesel: M57TU2D30  /   M57Y /  N57  /  M57D30   /    M57TUD30   /  N47D20   / N57D30OL   /   N57D30TOP   /  N57D30S1

Used BMW Engine Abbreviations:

In search system we use some abbreviations to descriptions used engine type. Below us description those engine Abbreviations to help find the right engine for your used BMW X5 Engine:AutoPartMax BBB

sDrive              two-wheel drive system

xDrive              The all-wheel drive system

Xi                     The all-wheel drive system

VIN                 vehicle identification number. You can get more information from this useful link

L                     Liter

Manual          Manual Transmission type

Automatic      Automatic Transmission type

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