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Used HUMMER Engines

Used HUMMER Engines

Welcome to the Hummer auto parts warehouse at All our used Hummer engines are in clean, excellent condition and have been thoroughly inspected.

Need a used Hummer engine with low mileage? Used H1 Hummer engines, used H2 Hummer engines and used H3 Hummer engines and any variance of a Hummer engine you can muster is at an all-time low price at Find in stock rebuilt Hummer engines with warranties and most ready to ship. Any engine you buy comes with our 100% money-back guarantee.

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Used HUMMER Engines For Sale

Availability changes quickly, so be certain to call early and frequently. We can check that engine and spot prices in only a few seconds. You're never obligated. When you do buy, we'll ship it fast and for FREE.

Tens of thousands of engines are ready to ship out. Find only good clean, inspected and refurbished Hummer engines available. It's free to check. And if a remanufactured Hummer engine is the only caliber you'll work with, we have them. To get started we only need:

1) Your Hummer's VIN

2) Which mileage Hummer's used engine are you looking for.

3) The freight-to address.

Our remanufactured Hummer engines in stock come with the stout warranties and are machined by only the most experienced. This happens because these technicians are under our wings. We control quality.

Because we are a family-owned business we treat our employees with great pay and incentives handing us freedom to control quality. We consistently have some of the lowest rates in the industry because we manage well. You can call and check prices and availability for FREE even if you're needing multiple quotes. Our time is free to allow you the time to garner information that's imperative to your goals.

Our confidence affords us dignified responses to all our customers, as they should, and to provide that 100% money-back guarantee. Get transparency on any financial decisions. Get clarity on the types of engines available.

Get relief with our great prices on engines. Individual drivers and owners receive the same great prices as automotive technicians. Shipping is FAST to the US and Canadian locations and we also ship internationally! And for our Hummer engines, this happens frequently. We get the right engine delivered ASAP where our customers need them the most.

Need a volume discount? Call and check!

6.5L Diesel Injection

6.5L Diesel Engine Non-Turbo or Turbo

6.5L Diesel Engine Long Block

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Get any Hummer engine with or without accessories. Provide your Hummer's vehicle identification number and let us know which shop(s) they're likely to be freighted. Within seconds we can provision your exact needs and calculate the favored prices all our customers have come to expect.

Used HUMMER Engine For Sale

We do so because we've been working with our own staff filling our warehouses for more than 25 years. And we've invested much into only high caliber reliable and consistent automotive acquisition managers and salvage yards across the globe. Meanwhile, we've become the top provider for individual drivers and auto owners who do their own thing.

It comes from our experience and our willingness to provide top transparency in transactions. We advocate for first-time buyers who want to skirt the issue of potential problems and less-than-stellar dealers. We do our job. We do it efficiently and we afford our customers their best chance at achieving their automotive goals, one minute at a time.

So, if you're looking for that legitimate no-hassle family-owned business that nearly works as an advocate for engine buyers in a world ripe with confusion, you've found it at We strive to do more than sell used engines.

Our goal is yours and that usually consists of getting your Hummer running at peak performance again. Don't worry over availability of the engine, call us and find yours today. Whether a used, rebuilt or remanufactured engine, we verify all histories, verify all mileages and also verify the source of acquisition to all those not already in stock. FREE quotes, SAFE and clear transactions and secure ordering.

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NAME Part Price
2002 Chevy Truck Silverado 2500Reman Engines4,200.00
2009 Chevy EquinoxReman Engines1,235.00
2010 Chevy CobaltReman Engines849.83
1999 Chevy Truck Silverado 1500Reman Engines846.00
2013 Chevy MalibuReman Engines975.00
2012 Chevy TraverseReman Engines3,130.00
2003 Chevy ImpalaReman Engines962.50
2013 Chevy CapriceReman Engines2,570.00
2007 Chevy CobaltReman Engines1,227.75
2009 Chevy CobaltReman Engines1,000.00
2007 Chevy MalibuReman Engines1,250.00
2001 Chevy AstroReman Engines1,000.00
2012 Chevy ImpalaReman Engines1,150.00